GMWEA COVID-19 Updates

Like our allied organizations, GMWEA is responding to upheavals due to the global COVID-19 virus pandemic. This post provides resources for important information and announces changes in GMWEA’s continuing education calendar. First, some answers to crucial questions:

Can COVID-19 be transmitted through drinking water or wastewater facility effluent? The short answers are “probably not” and “not yet known,” respectively. But there’s some fine print, too — including the fact that related viruses have been found in human feces and can survive for two to 14 days there. For more detailed information, go to the helpful overview page maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

What can wastewater workers do to protect their own, and the public’s health? The CDC offers many suggestions for hygiene, protective equipment, and workplace training:

Also, the Water Environment Federation offers an excellent resource, “The Water Professional’s Guide to COVID-19” at:


We are postponing both the Stormwater Management Manual training, originally scheduled for March 27, and the Basic Wastewater Management course, originally scheduled for April 7 through May 26.

Our goal is to present both courses as soon as the situation permits, so please stay tuned for more information. If you have already registered for either, please be patient as we determine the best way to organize refunding tuition or applying it to the rescheduled classes. For more information, visit

Please visit this blog again for more information in future posts. In the meantime, as we’ve all been seeing in our e-mail sign-offs, or your mother might say, “Wash those hands!”